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Den Boer Baking Systems, The result of 100 years oven-building experience combined with worldwide product know how.

A specialized process like baking is not easy to automate. So, building a complete oven for a variety of products calls for more than just knowledge of construction and process control. It demands intelligence and skill, a feeling for the process of baking, and a world of experience.

These are the strengths of Den Boer and they have been brought together in a new line of ovens: The Den Boer Multibake® Line.

Located  in Dalfsen in the Netherlands, Den Boer is part of the Tromp Group.

In 2014, the Tromp Group joined AMF Bakery Systems and Reading Bakery Systems to form the Markel Bakery Group. Through AMF Bakery Systems (Bread and Buns), Reading Bakery Systems (Baked Snacks) and the Tromp Group (Waffles, Specialty Breads, Pizza, Cake and Pie, and Pastry) we cover virtually the entire baking spectrum. There are offices in Mexico City, Dubai, Singapore, and Beijing; and a factory in Tianjin, China.

With world-wide sales, service and food technology support, the Tromp Group is able to fulfill standard solutions and concepts, as well as specialised local products with their own distinctive flavours and forms.

Download here the brochure from Den Boer Baking Systems


Den Boer Baking Systems B.V.
De Singel 20
7722 RR Dalfsen
The Netherlands
P +31(0)529 438 383
F +31(0)529 431 247
Member of the Tromp Group Tromp Group