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Four oven types in a modular system
Den Boer Baking Systems designs and manufactures a whole spectrum of tunnel ovens. Should that be our hot air impingement oven (Multibake® I) a direct heated oven (Multibake® D) or a Indirect heated oven (Multibake® R).

We have the best solutions for your baking requirements. With our basic modular systems combinations of heating can be made (Multibake® H).

Perfect Balance
Our Multibake line offers an optimum price/quality ratio an perfect control of the baking process.

As always quality is a first priority at den Boer Baking Systems.

The most striking aspect of the new oven range, with its four variants, is the modular design. This enables an oven to be delivered relatively quickly.


Because the modules are entirely pre-assembled, considerable time can be saved during installation.

Easy access
Our modules can be executed with doors which provide easy access to the interior of the oven. The oven is executed with doors on both sides.

Optimal Isulation
The oven's walls are highly insulated through the use of high-quality materials. Thanks to the high insulation value, practically no costly heat can escape to the outside of the oven. With an ambient temperature of 20º C (68ºF), the exterior of the oven will never be hotter than 43º C (110ºF),


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